Great domainnames for the regulated dutch market for igaming

Dutch igaming market open for business

The regulated Dutch market for igaming opens this weekend (October 1, 2021). Coincidentally, this is also the weekend the iGBLive event takes place in Amsterdam.

This opens a lot of opportunities for (new) companies entering the Dutch igaming market. Companies from without the Netherlands who have received a license are NSUS Malta (GG poker), Play North (Batavia Casino), Hillside (Bet365), Bingoal, Tombola en Livescore Malta. This also provides some great opportunities for the Dutch domaining market.

Recently, BetterCollective has invested millions in well established online sports community websites in the Netherlands like voetbalwedden(.net) and soccernews(.nl)

Curated List of interesting sports and betting domains for the Dutch market:

A curated list of about 50 domainnames for the igaming market is available for download here:

iGaming domainnames for the Dutch market (view as .pdf)

Please share your best online betting/ casino/ gambling related domainnames/ websites and connect with my wide network of potential buyers.

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